Sunday, July 06, 2008

From the land of fresh DRY air...

Ahhh...though the weather is in the upper 90's here, it is glorious! The air is dry so it doesn't feel so hot. We have been very busy so far, seeing family, swimming, Fourth of July festivities, going boating/tubing, etc. Really, too much to write about now...but we are taking lots of pictures including ones to go with my Franch stories! I'll have plenty to blog about when we get back. Until then, I'll leave you with this. My little nephew Johnathan, who is 5, is really smart. He is a thinker, that one. We took him, Tyler and Clayton on the Monument yesterday. Every hole in the rock was a 'mountain lion hole.' I'm telling you, if that were true, there would be an awful lot of mountain lions roaming around. Every 2.33 seconds he would yell 'There's another mountain lion hole!!' When Jeff and Clayton got out to look around, Johnathan said 'What if they see a mountain lion? They need to back away slowly and get back in the car. That's what the sign says.' Tyler said 'No, he needs to stop, drop and roll.' Johnathan said 'Why would you need to stop, drop and roll if he's going to EAT YOU?'

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