Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Lake

Where we are from, we have but one lake nearby. It is the sole provider of water recreation in the immediate vicinity. It offers a small swimming area, boating, fishing and jet-skiing. This lake is about the size of a large mud puddle, but hey, its all we've got. Jeff's sister and her husband went out and bought a boat so that they could take their family out for fun. They took us out, and we all took turns riding on the tube. It was lots of fun, and involved Jeff taking a major hit when the tube flipped over with him still holding on. I am proud to say that I didn't fly off, even once. So what if I had the equivalent of the granny ride. It wasn't actually that tame, but John didn't try to flip me over either. It was lots of fun, until the next day when it felt like someone had tried to rip my arms right off of me. Jeff and his Redneck Uncle Dwayne (check out the swimming attire and you'll know why I say this) rode together and it was a sight to see. I told Dwayne it was an awful shame to ruin such a nice farmer's tan, but he didn't listen.

Note the cut-off Wr@nglers and the sweet farmer's tan. Hey, at least he has a tan, which is more than Jeff can say!

This is what Katie did at the lake

James and his 'dousin Dylan Pickle'

Jeff, James, Dylan and I (in my non-amish bathing suit)

Jeff and Dwayne on the ride of their life

My niece and I: check out the sweet air we were getting. It's inconceivable!

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