Monday, July 21, 2008

Sasquatch Sighting and Bigfoot Too!

While on vacation we took a day trip to Ouray with our friends, Mike and Erin, and Jeff's bro Clayton. Ouray is a beautiful little town nestled in the San Juan mountains. It's where we went on our honeymoon. There is a natural hot springs pool there, fed guessed it...a natural hot springs. The water is warm and smells like sulphur. It is said to have healing properties. It sure does soothe aching muscles. Anyway, we went there, and we also hike up to Cascade Falls just on the edge of town. We had lots of fun. Erin and I took off our shoes and waded in. The water, since it is snow melt, was icy cold!

I decided to use my mountain-goat-like abilities to climb a ways up. Barefoot.

Then I decided, 'what the heck, why not climb all the way up to the cave.' Barefoot. Clayton also has mountain-goat-like qualities and climbed up with me. He also prevented my from falling all the way down. He's a nice guy.

Then, we spotted Sasquatch! And Mrs. Sasquatch! Two hippies out for a hike with none other than a bottle of wine, nearly depleted. They scrambled up the rocks to the cave and polished off the wine. Disturbingly, Mrs. Sasquatch kept rolling her shorts up, shorter and shorter. After finishing off the wine, they scrambled back down and made their way off into the bushes for whatever reason. Hmmm...won't go there. Anyway, we later spotted them at the top of a steep incline. Personally, I find that climbing steep rocky inclines immediately after consuming an entire bottle of wine is always a way to ensure safety and sound judgement. OSHA would approve, for sure.

Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Sasquatch did not meet their untimely demise, as they showed up at the pool later that afternoon. While they appeared to be 'an item' while cavorting in the mountains, I determined through some covert snooping that I think they were just friends. Weird friends. Allow me to quote what may indeed by the most profound statement you'll ever here, made my Mr. Sasquatch himself, after the Mrs. was telling him about a guy she felt 'so connected to.' He said, and I quote, "I don't even feel connected to the people I'm connected to." Ever heard of therapy, Sasquatch? As an interesting side note, Jeff sustained an injury hopping over a few boulders in a brazen attempt to capture pictures of the illusive, and a little bit tipsy Sasquatch and his not-so-significant other. What he won't do for a good picture. When Sasquatch-watch was over, we commenced wading in the stream again, when Erin took this picture of James and I. Despite the fact that it makes me look like Big Foot, I love it. Its a nice perspective. I can always count on Erin to take the most awesome pictures!


mcwigginseses said...

Nice recount of inebriated Sasquatch, Meg! The only part I would like to add is that Mr. Sasquatch has something in common with Senor Jeffy - in that he apparently doesn't like to get his fingertips pruny in the pool or he likes to pretend like someone is holding him at gunpoint in the pool. It was hilarious to watch both of them soaking in the pool, with their hands held above the water in a double-wave.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that dude has a hairy back!!! Not to mention the chicks nine mile wedgie.