Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Near Catastrophe Averted!

We had quite the dinner-time fiasco last night. Tacos and corn, nothing fancy. We were all eating and Jeff somehow happened to notice that James had shoved a piece of corn up his nose. With every breath, the corn was edging its way further and further from reach. Frantically, we ran around looking for, as we have affectionately dubbed it, the booger-sucker. It was nowhere to be found. Jeff kept yelling from the kitchen to hurry, and telling James to stop sucking it in further and further. (As if he really had any clue!) Jeff had the genius idea to get a pair of tweezers and amazingly, I was able to navigate the nostril and extract the corn without so much as a scratch! Jeff was pretty grossed out, but I was just relieved to get it out. Seriously, going to the ER with a kid who shoved a piece of corn up his nose is not on my list of things I'd like to do.

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mcwiggins said...

Thank goodness!

That reminds me of the Chipotle incident of '04, when I myself had a black bean lodged in a nostril.