Friday, May 18, 2007

The Carnival Is In Town

There was a carnival just down the road tonight so we decided to take James so he could experience all the lights and sounds. He was really intrigued and just a little overwhelmed by it all. We were watching the people on one of those spinning rides as they flew toward us. One guy looked like he was ready to lose his lunch, and it was funny to see him flying at us with such a funny look on his face. I, for one, can totally sympathize with him, as I DON'T DO rollercoasters/rides/ferris wheels/etc. I think I am going to die even on a ferris wheel, seriously! Anyway, Jeff decided that it would be hilarious if he acted like he was going to catch the guy as he came flying toward us. Poor guy. He was not impressed. He looked like he would have come out and strangled Jeff, if he hadn't been trying so hard not to barf. I was afraid he would come after us later on, but fortunately he didn't. On the way out, we spotted a goofy statue of a hot dog in a tuxedo coat and had to stop and take a picture or two.

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