Friday, May 18, 2007

The Best Mother's Day (Belated Post)

This year, Jeff and James went all out for Mother's Day. As Jeff informed me, he used 275% of his creative/mental/crafty capabilities to come up with my gift. All week, Jeff worked hard at something on the computer each night. I was given strict instructions not to go poking around where I didn't belong. Saturday, he and James went out to procure whatever was needed for their secret endeavors. Saturday night, I was banished from my own what is up with that? What was this man up to? Sunday morning, Jeff and James presented me with a beautiful pot of flowers, decorated with handmade clay letters and a picture of James and I. Its says "I love my mommy." If that wasn't enough to melt my heart, Jeff (with James' help of course!) made me a video of James' pictures, along with a letter from James. The movie even had the FBI warning at the beginning. Now hows that for fancy?! What a fabulous day! So, thanks Jeff and James, my two favorite men, for making my day so special!

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