Friday, May 25, 2007

Hot Summer Days

Here are the latest ways to keep James entertained during this warm weather we are having. First off, shaving cream! Yes, I AM my mother. (And NO, that doesn't bother me) James was pulling on my leg while I was making dinner and was obviously bored. I plopped him in his seat, gave the kid some shaving cream and viola! Instant fun! Another exciting pastime, which is becoming increasingly popular, is playing in the hose. James loves so spray himself with the hose, water my flowers, wash off his toys, etc. Looks like we'll be looking for a fun sprinkler here pretty soon. The third picture is of James and his little pal. Obviously, James got the better end of the deal!

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Trish D said...

I was just thinking that I need to pick up some shaving cream for the kiddos. That stuff ROCKS!!