Thursday, March 06, 2014


 This has been the winter of snow....
 ...and more snow.
 ...and ice...
 You get the point.
 Sometimes the snow was good for sledding, sometimes not. We went once on the ice and it lasted until the ice sliced through the bottom of the sled. And I realized, that could have been my butt instead. ha!
 James found my old 'Kids Shenanigans' book and resurrected the ol' finger in the box trick. Life has come full circle.
 He did it until he grossed himself out and decided that he lost his appetite forever, or at least for 12 minutes.
 One day I found these cuties reading in the laundry basket.
They do get along sometimes! Hooray!


Terry and Linda said...

Your children are the happiest little tykes in the world!


Belinda Silver said...

Beautiful pictures. You are such a great mom.