Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Curb Shopping, Creek Shopping?

So I think I've said it before, but trash picking (AKA Curb Shopping) is somewhat of a sport around here. I never remember doing this in Colorado, but here I have found many lovely things in other peoples trash. This week, my parents found a dresser for Katie and an awesome side table with cubbies for next to Tyler's bed. Tyler actually squealed when he saw it. Cute! This afternoon the kids and I went on a walk before dinner because, hello! It got up to 60 degrees! We were exploring along the creek and found a log that looked like it would make a good fire, and we do like a good fire around here. The kids gathered up a bunch of bark for tinder and were trying to figure out how to carry it home when Katie spotted a plastic bag in the bushes. Problem solved! I am pretty sure I am grooming three little MacGyvers. We came home with everything we needed to have a little fire after dinner. One the way back,  we found a really nice sled in the creek. It was in great shape and so we pulled it out and took it home. Creek shopping! I have found more stuff in the creek. Drives me nuts that people dump stuff in it. I think sometimes kids ditch stuff there because they stole it? I'm not sure. I have found a bike, 2 scooters and some sort of saw thing that was in a great shape and still works. We must have been a sight: lugging a log, a bag of bark, two scooters, miscellaneous helmets and a sled all the way home. And to top it off James took a pretty good flip off his bike and I had to tie up his elbow with a shirt so it wouldn't bleed everywhere. Super.

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Terry and Linda said...

Sorry, I laugh to laugh...the visual was just delightful. I hope the bike flipped hurt is doing better today!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬