Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tyler + Screwdriver

Several days ago I bequeathed my old broken sewing machine to Tyler. I had no idea that the sewing machine (Kenmore, avocado green and built to withstand an earthquake) would provide him with so much entertainment. While in its glory days, my $5 yard sale sewing machine did me well. Sadly, something inside the mechanical parts broke and rendered the whole thing useless. I couldn't even lift the needle to get the dress out. I had to cut it out. Bummer. If you have recently priced sewing machine repairs, you will know that you will likely have to sell one of your kidneys on the black market to pay the man. A basic tune up is about $75, and repairs, well, you don't know until they fix it in which case you have to cough up the cash or bid your sewing machine adieu. I ended up buying a new one for the same price I could've paid to repair that one, and my new one even butters my toast. Almost. But alas, I am on a rabbit trail. Surprise, surprise. I gave Tyler the machine and a screwdriver and he went to work. That kid may be less than 4 years old, but he knows which way to turn a screwdriver. He has since spent hours taking the thing apart, one screw at a time. If one is stuck, he comes and gets me. He has asked me to cut certain wires so he could free the fan motor and remove the belts and gears. There is still quite a bit left to disassemble, owing to the fact that this sewing machine was built before the age of plastic disposable crap. So now that his birthday is coming up, I think will find the kid an old appliance to disassemble and call it a day. Ha! Well, that and a 'mote control boat or really, anything 'mote control. He has been asking for what seems like an eternity.

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