Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bullet List #897.2B

  • Tyler has been on a roll. See his new quote on the side bar...regarding cannibals. Yesterday we were picking strawberries at the farm and I told my friend that I had a recipe in my head for Strawberry Rhubarb sorbet. Tyler tilted his head at me and said 'You know what I have in my head, Mom? A kiss for you.' Then he came over and gave me a kiss. And I melted right then and there. That little stinker can be so endearing at times.
  • And speaking of rhubarb, I am obsessed with the stuff. Any rhubarb fans out there? I have made a few kinds of rhubarb muffins, a strawberry rhubarb pie, rhubarb bars, and strawberry rhubarb popsicles so far this spring. Next up? Rhubarb Curd/Shortbread bars, that strawberry rhubarb sorbet, and about 10 other recipes I want to try. Mmm!
  • Field Day: it has been cancelled 3 times due to rain, and today it was finally a go! We watched for a bit and it looked like a lot of fun. I happen to love watching the long legged boy of mine run. That boy loves to run and he always has a carefree smile when he does. 
  • Only 7 days of school left! And even more exciting? No more homework!!!! I find homework to be torturous, well, mainly math because they have this newfangled way of teaching it that makes no sense and I have to bite my tongue and refrain from cursing Shanghai or Singapore or whoever invented that stupid curriculum. It is bad when your normally math whiz of a kid has trouble following along. 
  • Our summer fun list is getting a bit unwieldy and I love it. I am hoping we can cross most everything off, including a trip to 'Lankester' as James penciled in. 
  • I am still waiting for the predicted Cicadapocolypse to happen. Supposedly a brood of cicadas is supposed to crawl forth from a 17 year hibernation any day now. They are to fill the air with their deafening sound and cover the ground with their discarded carcasses. So far, I haven't seen a single one. I am kind of curious, though, if/when this happens. They say that past tales of plagues of locusts were actually cicadas, and that some areas will have them so thick you will be raking them up. Again, since I haven't seen a single one yet, I'm getting suspicious.
  • And speaking of plagues...(Oh, Mrs. Haffly, I do apologize for my lame-o transitions. You learned me better than that.) I just read today that this hurricane season is predicted to be very active, something like 11 hurricanes. Now that we have the generator taken care of, I feel the need to stockpile dry goods and something other than a metric ton of hot dogs so we can have something decent to cook over our redneck backyard oven. Somehow I don't think we can live on roasted marshmallows alone.


Belinda Silver said...

I would be interested in some of your rhubarb recipes, like the muffins, for instance. If you don't mind, that is.

Terry and Linda said...

I would melt too. I love it when my grandchildren want to kiss me!