Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Farm

Here are a few pictures of 'the farm' which I realize must be confusing since I also refer to our CSA as 'the farm'. This farm is where we do Hatchery and Farmhands. Can you see why I love it so much?

This is the view from the lane coming from the Visitor's Center

The Main Barn

Isn't the fence nifty?

This is overlooking some of the fields. The far pasture is where they graze the work horses.

Here is a closer view of the barn. Inside those two windows are the 6 work horses. When they have stood in their stalls too long, they stomp their feet really loud to let everyone know they want to go OUT and work! Sometimes they make a break for it and escape the  barn. One day I was there we saw their hoof prints all over the barnyard and it was clear they had themselves a regular party!

This was taken at the summer house. It has been restored to its original state and they use the wood fired oven in the original kitchen to do cooking demonstrations.

The sheep love to hang out in the shade, but they know when it is time to come in and they come running to the gate and wait to be let in to their barn. That is one of James' jobs, to open the gates and be a human fence for them to run through.


Erin said...

BEAUTIFUL. I'm getting on a plane right now. I wish.

Terry and Linda said...

We still see worm fences around here, but mostly on Grand Mesa and the Uncompahgre Plateau...I love the farm. Hoo Ray for all of you!


Shay said...