Saturday, August 04, 2012

Random Info About Eggs

Much to my surprise two of our new chickens started laying this past week. They are Golden Sex Links and apparently they are early layers. Did you know that when chickens start laying they sometimes lay weird eggs while their body is 'working out the kinks' in the whole egg laying business? She laid two double-yolkers in a row, something our other chickens never did. Also, we got two rubber eggs today. One is from one of our older hens who seems to have problems with that, and the other one has to be from one of the newbies. A rubber egg has a soft, squishy shell. They are pretty weird to hold. Usually they have a very thin layer of shell and so it looks like a brown egg, only when you pick it up it feels like a water balloon. They are pretty gross. I will admit, I used the rubber egg for baking cookies today and it didn't kill us! I couldn't crack it though. I had to cut it open with scissors. Who wants cookies?!

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Terry and Linda said...

You get the prize! I have NEVER cooked with a shell-less egg..they are way gross and I can't get my mind around them. Now I will have too as you did it...