Wednesday, August 08, 2012


  • Did you ever try googling your name before? Or the names of your relatives? Well, let me tell you. There is an Australian body builder that shares by name. She looks something like a female Aaaarnold. I don't. And when you google your relatives? Well, maybe you shouldn't. You never know what you'll find. Oddly enough, we found out Jeff's brother is part of a lawsuit against his parole officer. Who knew! You can also look up your relatives in who have spent time in the slammer via the department of corrections. Mug shots, height, weight, charges...they have it all! So next time you are looking for the perfect Christmas card picture.....
  • There is less than a month til school starts. Waa! What happened to summer?
  • I got to hold a 7 day old baby yesterday. She was delicious and I didn't want to give her back. I am now praying fervently that one or both of my siblings will have an 'accident' that results in a baby. ;) C'mon guys! I promise I'll make the baby piles of beautiful clothes and monogrammed burp clothes, and....just think! You might even end up with a kid that has my thumbs, and that alone is reason to have a kid! 
  • This summer I have been doing an informal art lessons on Thursdays. Last week, we did tie dye! I will admit I was ridiculously excited to try it again, and I am now the proud owner of my very own tie dyed shirt. (Patchouli not included) Everyone's shirts turned out very nice, leading me to believe that it is hard to mess up tie dying which is a good thing when working with little kids.

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Terry and Linda said...

Next you can make a whole pile of tye-dyed diapers and sell them in an etsy store!!