Friday, August 10, 2012

Of Course...

Jeff came home and told me that he had taken the time to calculate the probability of his passing the Professional Engineering test. Before he could go any further, I asked him if he had used either MathCAD or Excel to do it. Why, yes, of course he had. Excel is his second language, and he used it to calculate his potential score on the test. He went on to explain how determined the probability of each subject by using the number of answers available on the multiple choice, as well as the degree to which he knows each subject matter. Confused yet? It made my head spin just trying to follow along with all the figures he was throwing around and I am pretty sure the whole thing only took him 5 minutes. Sadly, he didn't go as far as to make a PowerPoint about it. Maybe next time.

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Terry and Linda said...

My Grandson would LOVE to have a conversation with Jeff...they talk the same language....MATH!