Wednesday, December 01, 2010


My kids are into watching Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. He is a survivalist who shows you all the tricks you never want to actually use to survive. For example, did you know that pound for pound, insects pack more protein that beef or chicken? They are the perfect survival food!!! I'll take Bear's word for it. The kids will sit memorized while Bear Grylls chokes down live lizards, drinks yak blood, roasts turtles in the shell, and dives for sea cucumbers to eat. James has started building lean-to's in the garage and outside. He 'repels' down the swing set ropes. He wants to build a raft. He and Katie tell me all sorts of things you can actually eat if you need to. James even knows that before eating a poisonous snake, you must first cut off its head and bury it so it's venom doesn't come into contact with you or anything else. I am a little worried about when he starts Kindergarten. Other kids will be saying 'Oh, yeah, I got to the secret level of this video game,' and James will say 'What are video games? Oh, did I mention that you can survive for a week in the Sahara by squeezing the liquid out of elephant dung to quench your thirst?' After watching several seasons of Man Vs. Wild, we now ask each other: WWBD? What would Bear do? The other night Jeff was complaining about being cold, and I helpfully reminded him that he could make himself a hot-water bottle of sorts, using his He wasn't too excited by that idea. But in fact, there are multiple uses for this handy liquid byproduct. In addition to using it as a heat source, you can use it to dampen a head scarf to keep you cool or use it as a questionably refreshing beverage. Now that's one thing I hope I never have to try!!!

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