Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

We had another busy weekend. Saturday was busy trying to cram some more time in with my sister and her husband before they moved to VA. Rach, Mom, James, Tyler and I went yard sale-ing in the morning. It was a good lesson for James on saving your money for something other than the dollar store so that you can get something that won't break in 3 minutes. He found himself some fabulous stuff: a brand-new still in the plastic wrap kids toolbox with tools, a pair of almost-new Cars rollerskates with protective gear and a backpack, and a sprinkler (would you expect any less from my kids?)...all for a whopping $3!! Later on Saturday, after the Uhaul was packed, we had a nice dinner with the whole fam. All this was fun, but it all means one thing...Rach and Phil are now in Virginia. (We won't talk about that right now or I'll feel like crying)

And in other random news, the ducks are....fabulous, but very, very poopy. I love them. I hate their poop. And there is a lot of it. Jeff wants to get rid of them, and I think we might have to. I don't really want to but they are a royal mess. I am sure as they get bigger so will their mess. We shall see. Eventually we want chickens, but when that time comes I will not get finagled into getting them before I have researched everything!! On a side note, can you believe how BIG the ducks are?? They grow so fast its amazing!

And one more random bit, an outfit I made for Katie (the pants were made from a pair of my old pants):


Linda Dashiell said...

Man!!!! You are right, I cannot believe how big those ducks have grown in such a short amount of time! Amazing! I feel for all of you saying goodbye to Rachel and Phil, Virginia looks like it is a ways away.

mcwigginseses said...

Okay, so I forgot to tell you that ducks produce a lot of manure. But it is good for your lawn... maybe you could just corral them in one area and move it your chicken coop on wheels you were talking about.