Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Randomness, Part 286

  • We're packing for Florida. Yipee!!
  • The ducks are gone. I miss them, except for their poop. They were really fun.
  • I'm looking forward to getting chickens, probably next spring.
  • I think my neighbors think I am nuts.
  • I made a huge batch of Monster Cookies yesterday and spent the time reminiscing about camping trips and road trips where we ate mass quantities of my mom's Monster Cookies
  • Tyler took his first steps yesterday.
  • Just kidding!
  • There has been a woodpecker going to town on our aluminum siding. He's a smart feller.
  • I've been squeezing sewing time almost every night this last week. I work like a crazy woman while Jeff and I watch documentaries from the library. As soon as I sit down, I fall asleep.
  • My garden is 2/3 planted. Phew! I started everything from seed and even though they grew just fine now I think I'll be worried til they get a little bigger outside. Did I mention that I had to clear my new garden ground (the top left picture) all by hand? (It was grass) What a pain. But fortunately after I did that a neighbor came by and told us to use his rototiller to till it up. The new bit brings the garden to a total of 11' by 50', and I also extended my flower/herb patch quite a bit. The bamboo thingy is going to be a fort for the kids. We are going to grow pole beans on it to make the walls and roof.


Linda Dashiell said...

Have FUN on your vacation, I shall miss your blogging if you don't blog from where you are going. :o(, but I know you will enjoy it, sounds like it is much needed. Love your pics...we have not planted yet it is still cold and rainy, we are suppose to get more rain today/tomorrow....Saturday as well. I will be thinking of all of you while you are gone! ENJOY! Sorry to hear Webby and Parker are gone, I bet the kids will miss them!

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