Monday, September 10, 2007

Where was a witty comment when I needed it?

So, I decided to stop in at the corner WaWa and get a hoagie. I don't normally do such things, but it sounded good and I am nine months pregnant. Rachel was with me so she waited with James in the car. What happened inside has me scratching my head and wondering what in the world some people are thinking (or not thinking). I went to the counter to pay for my sandwich. The lady leaned forward and asked when I was due. I responded with 'any day now.' As I was answering her question and getting out my money, she leaned over the counter and with both hands started rubbing my belly. And, she didn't stop. She made some comment about not seeming nine months pregnant, and asked if I knew what I was having. I told her we were expecting a girl. 'Oh, thats nice,' she says. 'Do you have any others?' I told her I had a son who was two today. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, James!) She replied by saying, 'That's too bad. Does he want a sister?' Now what on earth is 'That's too bad' supposed to mean???? That their birthdays will be close, or that I am having another one, or that I already have a boy?! I really wanted to shake the lady, and on top of that she was still rubbing my belly. I just hurried up and paid and on my way out, she says in a very cheerful voice, "Bring her in! I'd love to see her!" Uh, OK, lady. You'll be lucky if I even come back at all. That was too weird.

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