Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things I Have Learned

Here are the things I have learned you can do with one hand (while holding a baby in the other).

1. Read a picture book
2. Assemble and fill a sippy cup
3. Load the dishwasher
4. Make pancakes
5. Do makeup
6. Get a slippery toddler out of the tub and wrapped in a towel
7. Push the double limo stroller home after our walk was cut short by baby crying
8. Help James put on his boots
9. Fold laundry
10. And my greatest feat so far, performed entirely with one hand: diapering and dressing my squirming older kid!!!!!!! Wow! I impress myself. Ha!

1 comment:

Jules said...

You sound like a super mom! Sounds like you are all adjusting really well. I'm very impressed!