Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bad Habits

When you have a kid, you figure out that you have some bad habits. Unfortunately you figure this out when you see your kid doing something you do. Here are a few things we have figured out. Don't slurp your cereal in front of your kid. They figure it out mighty quick, and think its hilarious to try and slurp their bowl of cereal. (This one is me, by the way) Don't spit in front of your kid, in the trashcan or anywhere else. You will soon see your pint-sized protege lifting the lid of the trashcan, standing on his tiptoes and spitting into the trashcan. (Hmmm...I wonder where he learned that!) Another thing we've learned is to be careful what you say. Whenever I need James to move, I say "Beep-Beep, excuse me!" Well, he picked up on the beep-beep part but can't say the excuse me part. So now I have a kid who says "Beep-Beep" when he wants me to move. Its not like he's being rude. He actually sounds cute, but I also don't want him to run around saying "Beep-Beep" to everyone who's in his way.

And the award for "worst-thing-to-do-in-front-of-your-kid" goes to Jeff, for showing James how to launch a baby doll across the room using none other than the baby's bouncy seat! And I quote, "He won't actually do that to the baby!"

Lets hope not....

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Trish D said...

Ah, yes. My not-so-proud moment was when I heard our then 16 month old son - in the church nursery, of course - deliberately dropping toys and saying, "Crap." Over and over. Thankfully no one else caught what he was actually saying, but that phrase was IMMEDIATELY removed from my vocabulary.