Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Guess What?!

I got a selfie with a camel. C'mon, I know you're jealous. We are now BFF's, this camel and I. Not to be confused of course with B-U-T-T's. So after the camel made his appearance in the act (which I was totally not paying close attention to, because....hello! Camel!!) Hannah and I decided to see if we could get a closer look at the camel. Then I asked the guy if we could get our picture with the camel and he said YES!!! I have no idea why I love this camel so much, but I do. He let us get right up next to the camel, who I found out goes by the name 'Abdul'. Touche. Abdul kept nuzzling my head which was hilarious and kinda scary at the same time. I asked the guy if he was going to spit on me and he said 'Only if I tell him to.' Super. But Abdul was a friendly camel and there was no spitting whatsoever. Only awk


Phillip and Rachel said...

Are camels to you what armadillos are to me? If so, I totally get it ;)

Terry and Linda said...

Not everyone has a Camel BFF, LUCKY YOU!