Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Photo Dump, Installment Numero Uno

 First of all, I realized like....4 days after the fact that indeed, I posted the camel post unfinished and without pictures. Fail. So here, without further ado, is the picture of me, my BFF Abdul, and my awesome friend Hannah. Isn't he cute? He was just about to nuzzle my head. I haven't washed my hair since. Joking!!!!!!

 James was also lucky enough to meet Abdul and was thrilled to get his picture taken with an actual camel. Woo!
And now, on to the Christmas festivities!

 Grandma was here!!
 Aunt Sally showed up for the party too!
 And no, we don't look that much alike, do we? haha
 Ma, Me and Katie
 Speaking of Katie, this girl is delightfully weird

Katie got to show off her reading skills for Grandma and Aunt Sal

 And Tyler got to use his mad glue gunning skillz to build a sculpture. Seriously, this kid has the art gene but I think his is more of a creative building/3-dimensional brand. He has been successfully wielding a glue gun for the last year, and he will pretty much glue anything that isn't nailed down into one of his projects. He walks around the house with a vision in his mind and you can just tell, he may not know what he is looking for, but he KNOWS what he is looking for. :)


Terry and Linda said...

Aw! Happy New Year, my very creative friend!


Shay said...

haha gotta love that camel!