Friday, December 12, 2014

FaceTime Is The Best Time

Guess what folks? I need bifocals. I'm I needed someone to help me pick out glasses, because dang! There are way too many styles and some of the ones I like don't like me. For example, I really like these throw-back frames:
But they make me look like a hardy German which really isn't far from the truth come to think about it. I am 99.9% German. And these....
But they overwhelm my face, and I don't know what to pick which is why I sister! Stupid geographical distance. That is where FaceTime comes in! Yep, I FaceTimed Rachel in the middle of America's Best. Note to Self: The 'America's Best' claim is a stretch. But I digress. I basically went though every frame in the women's department, trying on anything promising in front of ye olde camera. It was quite possibly the funniest thing ever, because a) really?! It was funny, b) Phil was involved and c) There was no one else in the store so I am pretty sure they were all thoroughly entertained. Especially if they heard the part where Phil kept asking me if I had pooped today. Sadly, we decided that all the frames of America's Best were not, in fact, best for my face. Except for the most expensive pair in the store. Therefore we will probably be repeating the FaceTime spectacle in the near future. :)

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