Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Squirrel Trapping

It was a four day weekend, folks. It was tiring for me. The kids ran the gamut of self-entertainment, and saying 'I'm boooooored!' and 'There's nothing to eat!!!' You know the drill. One success however was James spending hours over the weekend trying to trap a squirrel. There is an abundance of gray squirrels in the 'hood and he wanted to catch one. He first set up a milk crate propped with a stick. He put a spoonful of peanut butter inside. The squirrel went right in and helped himself to the banquet without tripping the trap. After that, James tied a rope to the stick and hid in a bush so he could pull the rope when the squirrel was in the trap. The problem was he would get bored about every 20 minutes, come inside, and in the meantime the squirrel would help himself. James would reload the peanut butter and try again. I will hand it to him. He spent an awful lot of time laying perfectly still waiting. But by the time he had been still long enough for the squirrel to come in, he would get up an adjust the trap. After a while, I was tired to dirty peanut butter spoons and just a wee bit concerned that he would double dip the squirrel spoon. I was making homemade granola bars and gave him the peanut buttered measuring cup. I figured that would be harder for the squirrel to clean off and it would be in the trap long enough for James to trap it. Well....after a while, James decided to take a break and he set the milk crate over the measuring cup and left to take a break. Ten minutes later, Katie and Tyler came running in yelling that a squirrel just stole the measuring cup. I thought they were being just a tad over-dramatic and went out to see what was up. As it turns out, the pesky squirrel actually lifted the milk crate and removed the measuring cup. It then picked up the measuring cup and ran up our neighbor's huge maple tree. So long, measuring cup! And squirrel, I've got my eye on you...well, maybe not you in particular as you are all gray and look the same, but it's your ilk that keeps digging holes all over my yard too. Be gone!

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Terry and Linda said...

Come on now...you really do think they are cute...don't you? Oh...holes. Well, I do agree with you...I wouldn't like the holes in my yard either!