Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Not-So-Funny Prank

So tonight the kids had a visit and we got back around 7:40. I wrangled them all upstairs to get ready for bed while James did his reading (again with the homework!). I got the younger two settled in, relatively speaking, and James went up to get ready. The next thing I know, he is trying to bamboozle Tyler into going into the bathroom and I heard a thunk. I ran upstairs hoping to cut the shenanigans off at the pass. Too late! My darling, sweet and civilized 8 year old had decided it would be hilarious to booby trap the bathroom by pouring hand soap on the floor. Rrrrrrrrr!!!!! As he slipped and slid all over, giggling hysterically I tried to keep myself from going all crazy-mom on him and handed him a pile of towels (which equals more laundry....super annoying!!) and told him to clean it up. Seriously. You decide to do this at 8:15?? Now they are super quiet under threat that there should be ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING, DO YOU HEAR ME??!!!! Ahh, the sound of silence. And the residual smell of hand soap. Whatever.

Other random tidbits: James came home and informed me that I need to put more...and I quote...."Exciting stuff" in his lunch. What?????? Isn't making your lunch at the end of a long school year enough? I mean, I know I've been slacking off and getting less creative with it but really? You're lucky you get a lunch. Especially after the previously mentioned tomfoolery. Instead of saying all this out loud, I asked him what exactly he considered 'exciting'. At which point, he informed me that I should continue putting a green apple in his lunch every day, because he ate it for snack. And I should also continue to pack chips and salsa. So basically, the only new and exciting thing he added to the list was a cookie. Its a good thing that kid is cute! Also today, I busted out ye olde canner and made the first jam of the season!! Freshly picked strawberries along with freshly picked (at the store) mango made for a new and delicious combination!

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Terry and Linda said...

He is really growing up. What a cutie!