Sunday, June 01, 2014

My Brain Just Exploded

First of all, blogging 2 days in a row? I'm on a roll.

Tyler just finished doing his biz-ness in the bathroom. Why do they always save that for when you just finished tucking them in? Is there some sort of Murphy's Law for that? So he is sitting in there, talking my ear off while I was in the art room. The thing is a) I have the hearing of a 60 year old drummer who's been to too many Aerosmith concerts, b) I have been going all day and I am tired, c) I just want SILENCE! So, because 4 year olds are all sorts of perceptive and full of empathy, he sat there and rambled for what seemed like an hour. A few of the topics he covered:

  • Remember that one time, at that one place, with that one person?
  • You know, where there was that one thing, and the giant boat, and the people said we were going to.....right mama?
  • How many days until the farm opens?
  • Wow! Only 2 days! That's like in two days, right mama? 
  • So two days is like tomorrow and then one more day, right mama?
  • When we go to the farm I am going to pick my own food. I am going to get lots of carrots for Giraffey (his stuffed animal) because Giraffey likes carrots, right mama?
  • You eat food and it comes out your butt crack. But why is it shaped like that?
  • When you flush the toilet the water vibrates and spins, and then it makes a whirlpool.
  • Can you wipe my butt????? When I'm bigger I'll wipe my own butt. 
And now he is sitting in bed pontificating on the subject of gravity as it applies to flying, and how the moon is in outer space with Jupiter, and why do we never go to Chris's house? I think my head's gonna explode. I mean, he's cute and all but if he doesn't go to sleep soon I'm gonna have to slip him some tranquilizer...ha!

In other news, James reported today that he thinks he was 70 or 80% good in Sunday school today. Good enough, right? And Katie...oh, that girl. There is a little boy on the bus that picks on her and it seems he is trouble all around. When I talked to the bus driver about it she had already written him up a few times. I was talking to Katie about different things she could do or say, and I may have thrown in a few one-liners in jest. Which I forgot about until she told me the other day with her cute, gap-toothed grin that she was going to put me in the hospital for 38 days to find my pair of grown-up teeth. Apparently they actually listen. Oops! :) 

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Terry and Linda said...

Bullies are horrid people. I hope you can help Katie survive that little boy.