Friday, September 06, 2013

Miscellaneous TidBits

Apparently I forgot to blog this week. Again. Here are a few of the latest happenings:

  • School hasn't started yet in case you are wondering. It starts on Monday. I think they were trying to avoid having a 2 day week since Labor day and Rosh Hashanah fall in the same week. 
  • Katie got the same Kindergarten teacher that James had, and James got the teacher he was hoping for. Yay!!
  • Its official. I have sleep apnea. My CPAP machine is on order which I am actually happy about, because I find sleep and breathing to be kind of important. 
  • Mom and I butchered 3 chickens today. It was a proud moment when Katie wanted to help gut them, and I was even more amused when she picked up the chicken feet and started pulling the tendons. Best trick ever. Also, Tyler tried to watch the beheadings while simultaneously eating a Little Debbie cake. Mmm. We blocked him from seeing since last time he was traumatized about the whole head part. I will now be taking donations for my kids' future therapy needs. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • James and I made a periscope this week. Now I will randomly hear maniacal giggling and look around to see the periscope peeking around the refrigerator or out the banister. That kid is goofy.
  • Speaking of goofy, I asked the kids last week what kind of birthday cakes they wanted. Woe is me! They are turning 6 and 8 next week, but that is another story. Katie quickly agreed to a vanilla cake with strawberry filling. James was not so decisive. He wanted Mint Chocolate Chip but was also entertaining the idea of vanilla. He told me, in utter seriousness, that he wanted both for his birthday, like a half and half cake. I may have narrowed my eyes at him and informed him politely but firmly that he was getting a mint chocolate chip cake and he could have a piece of Katie's vanilla cake. That kid is spoiled! He better learn how to cook or find a lovely wife who can, or he'll be in for an awakening. Perhaps I should attempt to cook a bad meal every now and then. News flash James! Most people spread their store bought bread with gelatinous grape jelly everyday and don't get to choose between Peach Vanilla Jam or Blueberry Rhubarb or Blackberry Apricot Jam. Thus marks the end of my rant.
  • I am sure you all are as enthralled as I am with this post. **yawn** Alas, I must go. I have birthday sewing to finish up before Tuesday.

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Terry and Linda said...

I have sleep apnea also! You are so thin and so active I didn't realize you could have the same problem. I keep trying to lose 20 pounds as I was hoping that would get me off the machine. But sleeping at night with air is sooooooooooo nice.