Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm Having A Moment (And Other Randomness)

Lately I have been freaking out about how my baby is going to be three. 3! He is pretty much potty trained (a good thing), and has officially left his crib for the bottom bunk. Waaaa! Where did time go, and anyone want to donate a new baby to our family? That would be great. Last night, Tyler woke up crying. I went to him and he was just sitting there holding his blanket, saying 'I cared' because he can't say the S sound. I laid down with him and pretty soon I was bawling like a baby along with him. It all just hit me that its going waaaaay too fast and I wish I could freeze him in time. Well, except for his terrorist-like tendencies.**

**Tyler managed to throw the camera bag hard enough over the weekend to break the LCD screen of the camera. Good times. At least camera still works, and I will soon get used to using ye olde view finder again.

In other news, Jeff's graduation party is coming up. While I wanted to invite everyone and their uncle, I did restrain myself because I'm pretty sure he would freak out. James is off from school, probably for two weeks as the teachers are allowed to strike for 10 days. Today we met some friends at the CSA and showed them around the farm. James absolutely loved having his friend Isaac there to run and play with. Speaking of growing up, he is old enough to go off exploring and come back in one piece (albeit a little muddy). Tyler touched the electric fence and seemed totally unfazed by it. Should I be surprised? Worried? It was on, as someone else got a shock. Well, enough rambling for now. I fear this post is pretty incoherent but that's all I got for today. :)

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Shay said...

The kids growing up too fast is overwhelming to me most of the time. TC is at his last morning of preschool right now, oy.