Friday, June 08, 2012


Yesterday our preschool co-op went on a beach field trip. It was a lot of fun! I realized that having the kids around the ocean freaks me out, but other than that things were peachy. Tyler spent most of his time digging. James played tag with his friend Isaac and they jumped over the incoming waves. Katie mostly busied herself digging and making things out of sand. Sometimes I think she is my exact clone. She spends all day, every day making stuff.

In other news, Tyler is all about bugs. He has some serious ninja fly catching skills. He will stalk them around the house and literally catch them with his bare hands. He does this just about every day. He also has no fear of other bugs, as evidenced by the bee sting he acquired this morning when he tried to hold a bee. I guess he had to learn for himself, but I sure felt bad for him. He cried til he fell asleep in my arms.

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Terry and Linda said...

Gosh...I hate bee stings. They make me way to ill. Poor baby..bactine helps....sometime.