Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Par-tay

Oh, look! I have my eyes closed again! (My trademark, apparently...)

Jeff's party went pretty well, all things considered. I ended up meeting a cute little lady and her husband who are from China and moved to the US. They were new to the company so we sat with them, which means I didn't have to sit next to someone creepy or weird. She was really sweet and it was very interesting to talk to her about cultural things. Having her sitting next to me kept the awkward at bay, for the most part. I did have to roll my eyes when I met one of Jeff's coworkers and he had forewarned his girlfriend about Jeff. Awesome. His reputation proceeds him. I met another one of Jeff's coworkers and after a few minutes of superficial conversation, she told me that she was surprised I seemed normal because I had chickens. She said she was expecting someone 'more...uh...farmy.' That was funny. Who actually says that kind of thing out loud?
Here's my dress...finished with not much time to spare


Terry and Linda said...

You are beautiful! A very beautiful farmer....whoever said that about 'farmy' needs to come here....I'll show her farm!!!



Trish D said...

You really should have pieced a nice rooster (in calicos, of course!) on the skirt. Oh well, there's always next year!

In all seriousness, though, the dress looks great. Love the deep purple!

tori said...

Did anyone comment on your bruise?

Jeff and Meg said...

I kept the sweater on, so no one saw it.