Friday, December 09, 2011

Fun Lists

I am pretty good at coming up with ideas, but they don't always get done. We are forever saying 'oh, we should do that sometime,' then never actually doing it. To alleviate that, last summer the kids and I came up with a list of all the things we wanted to do over the summer. It worked out well, and so we are bringing the list back for Christmas! Here are a few things on our Christmas to-do list:
  • Bake cookies
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Make snowflakes
  • Read Christmas books
  • Decorate the front window
  • Make clothespin and candy cane reindeer (Check!)
  • See the lights (preferably more than once)
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Have a family (Christmas) dance party
Having kids gives me plenty of excuses to do all this fun stuff!


Terry and Linda said...

I have trouble getting all my lists done, but if I don't write them down I seem to forget them until way later!


Merry Jo said...

This is something I wanted to do, but we'll see... :) Anyways, I thought these 3D snowflakes looked so pretty! Maybe I'll put it on Pintrest, if I ever figure out how to use it... Miss you tons! :)