Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random (Part 896.29)

  • James started back to school on Monday after 9 days off. It's sure easy to get out of a routine, but also nice to find it again.
  • Big Martha is coming along nicely. She was in lock-down for a while, but today she is back with the girls and I have been watching them closely and there seems to be no pecking. She is keeping to herself though. 
  • Chicken Dumpling is sick. Well, now she is acting fine, but yesterday she was all twisted up and could barely stand and had no balance. It has been recommended that she be 'culled,' the nice way of saying killed. She still hasn't laid any eggs and she seems like she is 'not all there' anyway, so after yesterday's episode it seems that she has serious issues. I tried to psych myself up to 'do the deed,' but Jeff failed to provide any sort of moral support (AKA 'They're your chickens, you do it!') and I didn't feel like I can do it myself yet. Thankfully, my mom is coming over later today to do the deed. Maybe if I watch it enough times I will be able to do it myself. Not that I want to, but I feel like I should be able to should the need arise. Now that you have lost your lunch, I will change the subject. (You're welcome! :)
  • Over the weekend, I had the most hilarious interchange with a neighbor. He came over to talk to Jeff and I saw him outside. I decided to go out and offer him some of the incredibly decadent 6 layer salted caramel chocolate cake I made for Thanksgiving because it really shouldn't be consumed in more than small doses. He accepted, of course. I turned around to go get some cake and I heard him say (now mind you he is in his late 60's, early 70's) "Hey, you've got great buns!" Now, we talk to this neighbor all the time and never has he said anything like this. I wasn't quite sure what in the world was going on. I turned around to see Jeff standing behind him, cracking up. I started laughing. The neighbor said "I have no idea how you get them so light and fluffy!" Well, I'll tell you, buddy, not just anyone can have buns as light and fluffy as me. Seriously though, it was then I realized that he meant the cinnamon rolls I had brought them the day before. I busted out laughing so hard I had to turn around and walk into the house. I later asked Jeff if he thought that the neighbor ever caught on to what he said, and Jeff said no, he didn't catch it. Too bad for him, because it has given us a bunch of laughs since then.
  • James informed me today that when he burps or farts and I am not there, he says 'Excuse Me' to God. That cracked me right up! I asked him if God told him 'You're excused, goof ball' and he said yes. That kid is a nut.


Trish D said...

Nice melons, too.

Wait, you ARE holding cantaloupes right now, right?!

(OK, I admit that was totally inappropriate but I couldn't help myself!)

Shay said...

I was going to say I'd send my mom over, but then I saw that yours is doing it for you. My mom grew up on a farm and knew all about cooking a chicken from the get-go, lol. Glad the other chicken is doing better at least. :)

Jeff and Meg said...

Thanks, Shay! :) My mom is a pro, I think she could take a chicken from live to ready to cook in about 20 minutes. She's a chicken-butchering ninja. Sadly, we can't eat this one.

Trish....ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry and Linda said...

I can't cull my hens either. I've let them die naturally or the quick way. Still the humane way is a quick culling. Now if you still have her and you think she is going to pull out of it, you can just do a wait and see and she just may recover.