Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life And Times Of A PK

Today I was talking with some peeps from church and I discovered that I was talking to a former pastor. We got on the subject of being a 'PK' (Pastor's Kid) and the interesting shenanigans that PK's get involved in. It got me thinking about some amusing times, so here are a few things I remember, in no particular order:
  • When my brother tried to use the 'I didn't bring my Bible because we don't have Bibles in our house' excuse (There was also the 'There was lots of traffic on the way to church and that's why I was late' excuse.) 
  • The time my brother tied my dress to the chair. When we stood up to sing my dress ripped (fortunately not too much).
  • Playing hangman on the back of the bulletin with my Mom during Dad's sermons
  • Drawing people in the middle of church (the backs of their heads) and making Mom guess who it was
  • I once drew a detailed portrait of Evora Rippy, complete with her yellow polka-dotted polyester blouse, polyester pants, and ever-present corset (Yes, that was her real name)
  • Moving all the chairs to the side of the sanctuary and bring our boombox down. My friend Kim tried to teach me to line dance late at night in the church sanctuary.
  • During my childhood years, I believe I folded and stuffed approximately 16, 482 bulletins, give or take.
  • When we lived in California, we figured out that we could break in to the church nursery window, climb through, and run down the hall to disarm the alarm before it went off. (Side Note: The secret code was the reference to one of Mom's favorite verses)
  • We could do a mean impression of Dave Epps or Mel Dietz praying.
  • I once found a portrait of a black Jesus with dreadlocks and light shining down from heaven on him. It was so amusing, and I bought it just so I could sneak into my Dad's office before the Sunday morning prayer meeting and hang it up. It was awesome, and black Jesus has been circulating back and forth ever since.
  • Once, at the pastors' conference we went to every year, my brother, myself and a few fellow PK rebels bought magnetic nose rings on the boardwalk. We waited til all the pastors and their families were gathered in the dining hall for lunch, and we sauntered in to see what reaction I got. I think we raised a few eyebrows, but if I remember correctly my parents weren't fooled. 


Shay said...

oh the black Jesus one is cracking me up!

Jeff and Meg said...

I really must get it from my dad and post a picture of it. Its awesome, and complete with dreadlocks!

Terry and Linda said...

You made me laugh out loud!!!

Nice to talk to you today!