Friday, February 02, 2007

New Tricks

James never ceases to amaze us with the things he picks up on. When we think he is not paying attention, he is studying our every move. Apparently, he stores his observations away for later use. Here are a few examples: First, he learned to fake ‘cough.’ He watched Jeff hold a napkin up to his mouth and cough, and then afterwards picked up the napkin, held it to his face and did a little fake cough. Now if we hold a napkin up he’ll make a little fake cough. Another thing he has picked up on is magnets. He knows they stick to stuff, so he found a few magnets and kept trying to stick them to the side of the dresser over and over. What a little genius, if I do say so myself! Today, James was playing with Jeff’s cork-gun. He knows how to use the thing, he just doesn’t have enough leverage to get the job done. When the cork pops out, he knows exactly where it goes. Its amazing to watch him catch on to new things each day. Pretty soon he'll be making his own toast!

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