Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Don't Get It! its COLD. Very cold in fact. But not THAT cold! Here's the deal. Every day this week, area schools have been either delayed two hours or closed, due to the 'dangerous weather conditions.' No snow, not much ice, just cold. Its been in the teens and 20's, with wind chills. But why delay or cancel school?! We didn't even get to stay home from school when it snowed, unless it was a lot. What do people in the Northern US do all winter? Close school from October through March?! I am scratching my head; I just don't get it.

Sorry for the rant!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, wonders will never cease!!! I was going through Christmas mail for a second time and found your letter with your blog address on it. I have been going to write an e-mail for ages and ask how I could get onto your blog site. I have seen the pictures, read the 'blogs' and now am trying to figure out how to get to you. Congratulations, by the way, on the upcoming baby. September will be a busy month for you all. Well, this may never see the light of day asI'm totally at sea. Opps! belay that. My nephew is coming up in a bit and he said he'll try to help me. Love you all, Fanchion

mcwiggins said...

Them Eastern folks are just softies, that's all, Meg. They can't handle the weather when it's 20 degrees outside, apparently.

Us in Colorado, on the other hand, went to school when there was six inches of snow on the ground and a high of 10 degrees that day, thank you very much.