Friday, October 06, 2006

We’re Back From Vacation…

Johnathan, Shelly and James

James with 'Big D'

Tyler and Shelly at the Butterfly Gardens

We're back, and now its time to catch up on some sleep. Isn’t that how vacation always goes? After spending a week in Colorado visiting family and friends we are settling back into our normal routine. Here are just a few highlights of our trip, in no particular order:

*We visited our friends at Loma church, as well as drove back to the old farm. Everything has changed so much! All these rich Californians are moving in and building huge houses. Loma is still a one-horse town, for now. The country store’s still running and that’s about it. No traffic lights…yet. Our little town’s growing up. Kind of sad, but what can you do?

*We drove over the Grand Mesa with Marinda and John. How beautiful!! There was a bit of snow on the ground, and the colors were fabulous!

*Jeff took me on a little tour of all the places he used to live. We finished up at Reed Park in Fruita, where we both remember playing as children. We took James to play in the park, his first real experience with playground equipment. He seemed to really have fun, and we did too. Later that week, we met Jeff’s childhood friend Rowdy, and his family at the park. It was really funny to see them both with their little babies, playing on the swings.

*Speaking of childhood friends, we got to see Meg Folkestad (Sears) and her family. That was pretty cool to see our kids playing together…who’d-a-thought???

*We enjoyed playing with our four nephews and our niece. They are growing up too fast! They spent a lot of time trying to entertain their cousin James.

*We visited with our friends Mike and Erin, enjoyed some great buffalo chili and took a gorgeous hike up to Devil’s Kitchen on the Monument.

Thanks everyone for a great time!! We enjoyed seeing everyone and wish we had more time to visit with everyone.

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