Monday, October 23, 2006

Strange Story

Ahhh, the magic of Google. Out of curiosity, or maybe just plain boredom, I decided to see if I could find any information regarding the Prairie Dog vacuum guy I had heard about. Quite a while back, Jeff told me they hired him out at the farm to see if he could get rid of the evil hoard of rodents. Sure enough, there were quite a few articles on the net about this guy and his crazy idea. It’s a funny story. Apparently, the down-and-out wanna-be inventor prayed that God would provide him with a genius idea to earn himself some much-needed income. He dreamt very specifically of a yellow truck with a green hose, sucking prairie dogs from their homes. He told his significant other, and instead of sending him to the funny farm, she encouraged him to act on his dream. Now they have a very successful business called Dog Gone, making thousands of dollars to rid the world of varmints! For the full story, in all its strange glory, check out this link:

1 comment:

mcwiggins said...

Hey, I interviewed this guy on the phone once. He was a huge jerk!

ps- He has a BBQ business on the side. Hmmm. Must be what he does with the casualties of the humongous Hoover that don't make it alive to be sold as pets in Japan.