Monday, October 09, 2006

Sentimental Rant

During our visit, we went with the Roush’s for a ride out to the scene of most of our dating career: The Roush Farm. With memories swirling around, we drove past Hiline and up the hill toward the driveway. It still looks the same, only really run down. The John Deere-green mailbox is still there. Weeds have since grown and obscured the once neat driveway. The shop doors hang open, and it looks like nothing has been mowed for months. Jeff commented that apparently they hadn’t figured out how to use the brush-hog yet. Even the yard, which had always been kept so nice, was choked with weeds. We didn’t say much, just commented on how overgrown everything was. I think our heads were too full of all the memories associated with the old farm. I remember staring out at the stars with Jeff and squinting to find ‘our star.’ I remember Meg Folkestad and I taking the Linx on crazy rides no car was meant to take. I remember following coyotes on the 4-wheelers, just to see how far we could trail them. I remember swimming in the pond on a hot summer day. I remember the day we caught a giant catfish out of the pond. That was the same day we decided not to swim there anymore. I remember ice-skating around the hump of steer’s back, frozen in the pond. I remember driving around the center pivot countless times, shooting prairie dogs as we went along. There was the time that we saw a Golden Eagle land in front of us. It looked at us and then picked up the dinner we had just killed for it. That eagle picked up the prairie dog and off it went. I remember the sunsets and the harvest moons, and the clear night sky. So many memories are tied up with that place. It was through these experiences that Jeff and I fell in love. Hard to believe it has been 8 years since it all started. A lot has happened and its unbelievable how many things have been packed into those years. The good experiences and the bad have brought us closer together and we are coming up on six years of marriage. And who can forget, we have our sweet little son James to enjoy it all with us!

I’ll stop now before I get myself in any deeper! ha ha ha

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mcwiggins said...

Awwww. How cute! Thanks for sharing all those memories. You guys will have to find a way for James to experience farm life somehow... Maybe he could do an internship with the Amish or something. :)