Thursday, October 09, 2014

Random Tidbits

Here are a few updates in no particular order:

  • After having one of the best gardening years ever, things are sadly winding down. James was miffed last night when he realized we were out of Katie's homegrown cherry tomato stash.
  • This year, each kid had their own 'garden'. Katie had flowers, tomatoes and squash. She loved eating right from her garden and sharing the rest with whoever came to visit. James planted Indian corn which would have made lovely cornbread had not the evil squirrels stolen EVERY SINGLE EAR of it before we realized what was going on. Can you see I am building my case against the squirrels this year? And Tyler? Well, he adopted the rest of the garden as his own. He fell into it like a natural and could identify a weed sprout from a basil sprout from a tomatillo sprout which I find to be quite impressive for a 4/5 year old. He would drag anyone who came over out into his garden and regale them with his knowledge and point out each plant and tell them what it was. It was neat to watch him and how much pride he had in his garden.
  • Which leads me to my next point. Drumroll please.........and now, without further ado, I hither for shall announce that Tyler grew a real, live watermelon this year!!! Which is much better than last year's watermelon incident.
  • In other news (yeah, none of this is really 'news' but whatever) I have been sewing like mad to get my Etsy shop shined up for Christmas. I just mailed a cute little dress of to a customer in California, which is about the 10th state I've shipped to. Yay!
  • And the best news of all??? My sister is coming next week! I am beyond excited at the shenanigans that we can get into while she is here, and did I mention my sister is coming!? Its so exciting! Sadly, my pesky bro-in-law will not be able to come, which means I will have to save up an extra dose of ornery-ness for the next time I see him. Betcha can't wait Phil! haha
  • And now, I must end this most scatterbrained post because the chickens are freaking out and I better go let them out before they make me crazy. Or I make them breakfast. Whichever comes first...

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Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad your Etsy shop is taking off. It's wet here but no killing frost yet! I'll be glad when it dies and I can start planting my fall bulbs!