Friday, October 31, 2014

More Halloween Pictures!

 Halloween was a raging success this year! I am not big on Halloween but I don't mind the dressing up and trick or treating. The kids really got excited about it this year and that was fun. Katie got to be the leader of her class in the parade and did a great job carrying the sign! Yes, there were about 900 other Elsas there.
 In fact, I believe that costume distribution can be summed up like this: 20% Elsa, 20% Mario and Luigi, 10% Minecraft, 30% Super Heros, 10% Zombie Prom, and 10% Other. Its kind of funny how so many kids wear the same costumes. James was concerned that no one would know who the Sacketts are, and the kids would think it was weird. I asked him who he was dressing up for and if HE liked the Sacketts. Of course the answer was yes, and we decided it was a good thing to go your own way.
 Tyler loved the parade and all the festivities. In fact, he was so excited when he got off the bus that he dropped the ENTIRE contents of his backpack onto the ground to show me all his loot. Lord have mercy.
 James informed me that his shirt was 'too clean' for a cowboy and needed to be dirty. He also tried this as an excuse to get out of a shower. I ended up soaking this shirt in coffee and it made it nice and dingy. He was happy!
He is wearing my Grandpa Cheyney's suspenders, which finally fit him after he has been wearing them sagging off of him for years. He's grown into the suspenders, and nearly out of his cowboy boots!

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Your children are just darling.