Monday, April 02, 2007

A Case of Mistaken Identity

This picture was taken in 1999, back in our dating days and way before Napolean Dynamite ever came out. We just thought it was a funny picture. Then someone saw it and pointed out the striking similarity between Jeff and Nappy D. himself. So, we had to watch the movie which happens to be hilarious (totally pointless, but HILARIOUS!). But, I digress. We have had this picture hanging on our fridge for quite some time and have received many comments on the similarities. But never has anyone thought it was the actual actor, until now. We had an insurance adjuster over to look at our decrepit roof and he saw the picture on the fridge. He said, "Wow! Did you guys actually get to meet the actor!? I love that movie!! That's really cool!" I just cracked up and replied that, no, that was my husband with a wig on.

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mcwiggins said...

Whoa- now I'm less than three circles away from the real Napoleon Dynamite AND the fake Napoleon Dynamite!