Monday, December 04, 2006

Party Animals

Phew! Our weekend of partying is finally over! Yes, we are getting old and cannot handle too much excitement. Mostly, I can't stand wearing pantyhose...EVER...not to mention three days in a row!!! Argh! OK, I'll explain. Friday night we had Jeff's Holtec Christmas party. The party was at a fancy-schmancy place, so we had to dress in 'evening attire.' We had fun and stuffed our faces with lots of good food. There were tons of appetizers; who knew that a pasta bar fell into the appetizer category?! I got a good chuckle that they served pigs-in-a-blanket right along with bacon wrapped scallops and flaky spinach pastries. For dessert there were about 25 or 30 options to chose from; we probably covered about half of that! ha! You could even get a little crem brulee thingy...flamed right in front of you! Thus began our weekend of partying. Saturday, we had the wedding our friends, Jenni and Danny. Again, a formal event. The wedding was nice and the reception was fun too. We ate lots more food, and Jeff even danced with me for a whole song! I think we had the most fun at our table, and we weren't even drunk! And then, alas, our night of partying was over and we decided we probably should get home to James, who had been babysitting Grammy and Chappy while we were out. In case you were wondering, Sunday we had to read the advent in front of church; thus the THIRD time I had to dress up in that many days. Now its monday and I am back to my comfy jeans and a t-shirt. We had lots of fun, but its sure nice to just stay home and relax too!

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Darren said...

Now you really are sounding old. I thought I was the only one to sound old. I have the grey hairs to prove it too. I have to hand it to Jeff though, dancing to one WHOLE song!?!? That's about three quarters of a song longer than I have ever tried to dance to. Good man Jeff, good man.