Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shakespearean Compliment/Insult Finder

In need of a good complement or insult, but don't want anything run-of-the-mill? Here is condensed list of Shakespearean adjectives one of my old professors gave us. Choose one word from each grouping and voila! Instant insult/compliment.

1. airy, amorous, bespiced, blazoning, bonny, celestial, honeysuckle, engilded, jovial, lusty, marbled, nonpareil, posied, silken, sturdy, tenderful
2. brother-love, ear-bussing, crow-flowered, burly-boned, fairy-gold, fertile-fresh, nimble-pinioned, proud-pied, thrice-crowned, young-eyed
3. bawcock, chuck, bully rook, dewberry, esquire, fondling, handy-dandy, homager, kicksy-wicksy, kid-fox, lambkin, minstrel, nymph, ringlet, sweet-meat, whiffler

1. beslubbering, bootless, dankish, gleeking, droning, goatish, loggerheaded, lumpish, mangled, mewling, reeky, spongy, tottering, unmuzzled, warped, yeasty
2. beet-witted, beetle-headed, clapper-clawed, clay-brained, doghearted, fat-kidneyed, flap-mouthed, hasty witted, guts-griping, pottle-deep, swag-bellied, tardy-gaited, tickle-brained
3. barnacle, canker-blossom, clotpole, flap-dragon, foot-licker, giglet, hedge-pig, jolthead, lout, maggot-pie, measle, pidgeon-eff, wagtail

1 comment:

mcwiggins said...

OOH I love it.

"Reeky beet-witted hedge-pig."

Maybe that's what we can call the ROUS in your backyard...