Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nice Weather

Today was a beautiful day, with temperatures almost to 70 degrees! If I didn't know anybetter, I'd thing it was spring. In order to take advantage of the lovely weather, James and I spent quite a bit of time outside soaking it in. I pruned my hydranea bush while James shouted at passing dogs and tried to wander into mud puddles. It is funny how he goes straight for the mud puddles; he's such a boy! He also wandered around picking up rocks and inspecting the underside of the truck, as well as the exhaust pipe. Its so fun to watch him explore and see everything with fresh perspective. Seriously, who would think to stick their hand up the exhaust to see what's up there?!

On a different note, Jeff just returned from a 3 day trip to Ohio and saw a guy hiding in our neighbors' bushes. Creepy. So he called the cops but the guy just left so there goes our excitement for the night. And Jeff wonders why I lock the doors all the time.....

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