Sunday, March 01, 2015

Random Updates

It seems I haven't been on the ball at all with ye olde blog. Things haven't exactly been fabulous and my life reads as a big long soap opera. To add to the fun, last week James fell from the recliner part of the couch, hit his face just right and broke his two front (adult) teeth. I could see the nerves in there which is always a bad sign. I was told he was going to have to have two root canals which was not happy news, and I took him in Tuesday for what I thought would be two root canals. I could have hugged the dentist when he said he thought he could avoid doing root canals and seal the teeth instead. He was able to seal the broken ends to protect the roots, thereby saving the 'life' of the teeth. If that goes well, in a month James can get new bonding done which will hopefully hold him over til he is older. As my sister said "those kids don't do anything half way".

In other news, we are on what seems to be the millionth ice storm of the winter. Just when I optimistically chipped away the 2-3 inches of solid ice on my back patio, it storms again! Someday, I would like to see green grass and dirt that isn't frozen. Today, Tyler was upset and lamented that NOTHING was going to make him better except  'ice cream sundaes in the summer' and I had to agree with him there.

And in other, other news, James came to me today and told me "I feel warm and fuzzy, like a manatee is brushing my teeth". I would go ahead and try to explain this, but I got nothing.

And lastly (sorry, this isn't exactly the most scintillating post in the world) I decided today to teach James a new word: rotund. It is such a great word and I don't believe I get to use it often enough. Well, after teaching James the word he looked at me and said 'so your butt is rotund?' Um, yeah, forget I ever taught you that word, kid!

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