Sunday, July 29, 2012

Put That On Yer Resume!

I must say that having chickens in full of adventures. I mean...skunk attack, wayward chicken wrangling and an accidental meat chicken. Exciting times, I tell ya! This week I had another experience to add to my chicken resume. I am currently trying to break my poor broody hen of her broodiness. After 6 weeks or so, she still hasn't figured out that she's not going to hatch anything. I have to keep taking her off the nest, and she is skittish and kind of crazy. I think it is a combination of her broodiness, her previous flightiness left over from when she was attacked, and the fact that she has pretty much isolated herself from the other chickens for the last month and a half. has been interesting, but I'm rambling. I had gone to check on her and found one of the other hens tethered to the chicken door. She had something around her foot, which was also wrapped around a stick, which was jammed in the door. I extracted her and took her out into the sunshine to see what the deal was. Turns out she got tangled up in some of the stupid garden netting we have (seriously...its terrible stuff...never buying it again!) It wrapped twice around her claw (toe?) and was really, really tight. I don't think she could feel it anymore. I had to perform some serious chicken procedure to remove the netting. I pretty much felt like a brain surgeon when I was finished and mentally patted myself on the back when I had some horse medicine to spray on her.** Now she's as good as new, and I am ready to perform surgery on anyone who needs it. Any takers????

**I have this around on the recommendation of my blog friend and Chicken Expert Linda and if she says it works for chickens...then I believe it!

P.S. Guess what we spent Saturday doing?! Sit down before you read this...we visited actual CAR DEALERSHIPS to look for a new ride for me and the kids. We even visited my old place of employment which was...strange. Have I ever mentioned how I am SO GLAD I don't work there anymore?! Regardless, we are (finally) looking for a vehicle with a) air conditioning, b) more space, and c) air conditioning. And did I mention more space? Oh, yes, that will be nice. Now, for those of you who know Jeff, I will answer your burning questions:

1. No, we are NOT looking for minivans. Have you seen pigs flying lately? Didn't think so.
2. No, we are NOT going to buy anything new or pick up a fancy-schmancy car payment.
3. And no, we are probably not going to buy from a dealership. He is looking on Ebay actually. And good ol' Craigslist. We just wanted to get a feel for what we wanted.

So the vehicle in our sights, as I am sure you are all dying to know...2005 Ford Expedition with the Eddie Bauer package.


Terry and Linda said...

Does she still have her toe? Chickens are really tough. Shannon has a chicken that was picked up and dropped by a hawk...she was too heavy. The fall broke her beak...the claws hurt her side....she is recovering...although, we couldn't figure out how to fix her beak. But she is eating and healing so all is good.


Trish D said...

Your chicken stories crack me up -- since hubby had hundreds of chickens to deal with growing up (selling eggs, and then a major butchering each fall) he's sworn he will NEVER mess with the stinky things again. Last week he was helping out a coworker who happens to have chickens; he'd taken D along, and right before they left they gathered eggs. D thought it was so cool!

And good luck with the car shopping -- you may want to check out Auto Connections on 13 (at the end of Haine). That's where we got our Passat, and were super happy with it (although there are suspicions that it's a Russian money laundering place, and no, I'm not kidding). We *LOVE* our Mitsubishi Outlander, which seats 5 and has a back seat that pops up for 7. Just another option to consider...

Jeff and Meg said...

Thanks for the tip, Trish! We will check that place out.