Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flying By The Seats of Our Pants

I was pondering what to blog about, since its been a while. I realized that its been awhile because life has been HECTIC! In the past month, we have been in a total of 9 states. (PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, ME, NH, MD, DE) As if that weren’t enough, Jeff managed to squeeze in trips to Montreal, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico. So, welcome to our crazy life. Here are a few random bits of info from the past month or so:

  • James is learning new words constantly: hat, birds, blocks, bunny, doggy, up, down, boots, keys, etc.
  • Jeff managed to evade being mugged/kidnapped/robbed while in Mexico by staying in his hotel and only leaving with his translator.
  • Jeff brought back three whole bottles of Mexican vanilla, which made Mom, Rach and I very happy!
  • Its been hotter than the blazes around here, as Grandma says. Its been in the upper 90’s with 80-90% humidity! Ugh!!!
  • Less than ten weeks till the baby is due!
  • The baby is a girl!
  • We crossed the Mason-Dixon line when we went to visit our friends in MD. Didn’t realize it was so close.
  • As if all that wasn’t enough, we have been working to update the big room upstairs, installing wood floor, trim, shelves, etc, etc, etc.
And there you have it, in a very abbreviated nutshell. In a week and a half two of our nephews and our niece are flying out for a visit, so don't think we've dropped off the face of the planet. Summer will be over soon and then things will slow down for about 3 days and then we'll have a new baby and then, well.....who knows!?

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