Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend Road Trip

This weekend, we packed it up and headed for Ocean City, Maryland to visit our friends. We had fun visiting, as well as checking out the boardwalk. We finished off our day with make-your-own sundaes, which involved an explosive hot fudge machine all over my white shirt, James and the surrounding area. Here are a few pictures of our trip. Should've taken one of the hot fudge explosion of '07!

Our trip home turned from what should have been a 3 hour drive into a 5 hour nightmare, thanks in part to a zillion and one redneck Nascar fans heading home from the Dover Speedway. We have never seen so many Nascar bumper stickers, Confederate flags, astroturf, Miller beer flags and other Redneck memorabilia in such concentration. We were so glad when traffic finally thinned out and we were able to make it home.

1 comment:

Trish D said...

Um, I believe you're close associates with some racin' rednecks. Careful, or I'll tell on you!! :)