Thursday, March 01, 2007

Only in Philly!

In Philadelphia, we have a guy running for Mayor who is up against Federal Corruption charges. The same week he announced his intentions to run for Mayor, he was arrested for outstanding traffic tickets/fines/etc. He will stand trial for his corruption charges the day after the primaries. Not only does he have major legal baggage, he is also coming in on the tails of his little brother, who is the current Mayor of Philadelphia (who also has been surrounded at times with corruption scandal). At least since he is the brother of the current mayor, he can reuse the "Street for Mayer"campaign signs. I know I don't usually blog about politics or current events, but this one takes the cake. Only in Philly would we even entertain the thought of electing a crook into office, one who will undoubtedly funnel our tax money into his nefarious schemes. And we thought having a Senator named Nighthorse-Campbell was weird.

OK. I am done.

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